XIX International Board (2006-2007)

Bartosz Lipnicki , President

Bartek is a student at Gdansk University of Technology in Poland, although spent the last year on Erasmus scholarship in the heart of Spanish Andalucia.

Combining engineering with business management studies also diversifies his everyday education.

He loves morning jogging by the dawn, enjoys Cuban music as well as dancing sensual Bachata on the beach. Energetic, hardworking and ceaselessly active Bartek will always welcome you with a charming smile.

Email: [email protected]

Bram Simons, Secretary

Bram was born on the dark days before Christmas in 1982, in the nice little town of Zwolle in the Netherlands, already during high school he showed his international passion by spending some time on a Canadian Highschool.

Right now he is studying Computer Science at the university of Eindhoven, and he is slowly moving towards the end of his studying, this is taking a while because of all the time he is spending for BEST of course!

Email: [email protected]

Luka Vidmar, Treasurer

Luka Vidmar is 24 years old tall guy from Ljubljana. He is in his 5th year of Telecommunications at University of Ljubljana.

One can describe him by 3 main characteristics: smiley face, always has too much to do, but never declines to help others, and persistence. He strongly believes that a simple smile makes a daily communication and work much more pleasant, oozy and therefore effective. He believes that smiley, positive and energetic people make this world worth living in. He always has many jobs he has to accomplish but never complains about it. He enjoys the most busy periods because he deals with his tasks easily and is therefore productive. At any time he hardly refuses additional responsibilities or to help his friends or buddies. Last but not least, he never gives up. Failures or mistakes motivate him even more to do better next time. On the other hand, finished projects for which he knows he couldn't perform better and whose results are the same or even better than high beforehand expectations make him really happy. Using other words one might say he is quite ambitious.

In his free time he loves practising all kind of sports, spending some minutes alone to think a bit and hanging around with his friends. The latter activities give him sufficient amount of energy for realizing his future plans.

Email: [email protected]

Tzveta Dimitrova, Vice President for External Services

Tzveta is last year student of Radiocommunication in Technical University Sofia.

She is confident that education and knowledge are a treasure therefore she is thinking of a PhD or second master degree in one year. She is always eager to know and achieve more, to explore new horizons, but more than everything - eager to be part of BEST. She believes that each moment is precious, but there is nothing that can be compared with the moments in BEST. She could compare her life with a dance since this became more than a hobby for her. Her new hobby is mountain climbing.

Tzveta can do and say everything with a smile, recently happy with the fact that most of the people around her can do the same!

One of the things that people say about her is that she can not stay on one place, both in her work and studies and in her life, she is full with energy and enthusiasm, always searching for new challenges and adventures.

One of the things that she could say about her is that recently she could admit loudly that she is happy with everything that she is doing now!

Email: [email protected]

Manuel Gay, Vice President for Internal Support

Manuel is a 22 years old guy who loves the sun and the sea, especially everything that is under the water of the sea. He was born in Germany, lived 6 years in The Netherlands, then moved with his family to the south of France, studies in Lyon and now lives in Berlin.

In a very early stage of his life, Manuel started to enjoy technology and sciences, especially everything related to electronic devices and computers. One of his favourites games was (and somehow still is) to take some device apart into its constituent pieces and then try to put them back together again. This is how he ended up to be a student of telecommunications, eager to understand how all those difficult processes enables us to exchange information through all kinds of means.

Whenever possible, Manuel takes his backpack and travels, because he thinks that it is a waste of time to stay always at the same place and that they're so many interesting things to discover around.

Email: [email protected]

Katy Vanbrabant, Vice President for Local Group Support

Katy was born in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) in 1983. On age of 18, she moved to Brussels to start her studies. This year she will enter her last year of Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering.

In her childhood she learned how to play piano and practised several sports. Now her main hobby is BEST, which she enjoys every day even more. She wishes all BEST a fruitful year full of opportunities and challenges.

Email: [email protected]